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Kaimahi taiohi (youth worker) of Manna Home

Kaimahi taiohi (youth worker) of Manna Home

Kia ora!


We are on the lookout for a dynamic youth worker to join our team at Manna Home, a residential home in Oakura Taranaki. We would be so grateful if you could send out the below blurb to your community or networks along with the attached job description as we would love this advert to go far and wide around Aotearoa 


"Keen to support taiohi (young people) transitioning into independent adulthood? Dreamt of living in community in a coastal surf town?  Come join the awesome team at Manna Home who support 16–21year-olds on a beautiful two-acre property in Ōākura, Taranaki.  With a holistic residential programme catered to individual taiohi needs, your day-to-day mahi will be dynamic as you come alongside a diverse group of taiohi and empower them to dream BIG and grow their mana as thriving young adults. We're a faith-centered organization, we journey with Jesus as we work alongside the taiohi in our home, believing in the hope and good news that God's Kingdom offers."


We look forward to hearing from you 


Nga mihi,


Background: Manna Home is a residential home in Taranaki for 16 - 21year olds providing supported youth accommodation that incorporates positive communal living, tailor made wellbeing support, life skills, physical activities, mentoring, access to professional care, and spiritual & cultural practices. Manna is supported and governed by The Bishop’s Action Foundation (BAF).

The Position: This is a full-time role of 40 hours a week however are open to discussing 30-40 hours for the right person. Option of onsite accommodation provided. Experience and/or relevant qualification is required and trauma informed practice skills valued.

This role will be responsible for providing care and support to the taiohi living at Manna residential home and will support the management of the overall facility. This includes:

● Mentoring and caring for the taiohi as they enhance their wellbeing

● Goal planning alongside taiohi to support their aspirations

● Supporting taiohi to participate in education, training, or work-based learning

● Supporting the daily running of the home as taiohi learn flatting & interpersonal skills

● Facilitating assessment and intervention for the taiohi, and their whānau/caregivers

● Delivering and creating developmental programmes for the taiohi

● Funding applications

● Working with the manager, leadership team and reporting to the BAF CEO and Board

● Collaborating with local iwi, external agencies and key community stakeholders

• Being a part of the whānau! Supporting Manna to create a whānau culture by participating in community dinners, whānau nights, wā ako nights, liminal trips etc which can be outside

Responsible to: • Manna Manager and Leadership Team

Direct Reports: Manna Home volunteers

Salary: Competitive payrates based on qualifications and experience




1. To support the efficient and effective service of Manna through provision of a safe home, assessment and intervention to taiohi and their whānau/caregivers.

2. To work with local iwi for best results for our Tangata Whenua taiohi and demonstrate a commitment to and respect for the Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi) and incorporate these into the home.

3. Facilitate and maintain effective links with a range of key people and agencies in order to maximise services built on interagency collaboration

4. Help to lead a positive, supportive culture at Manna that provides opportunities for growth for both staff and taiohi


● Meeting key objectives of the programme

● Regular programme and service reviews from both governance, staff and rangatahi


1. Provide effective supervision and care for the taiohi through building positive relationships, and maintaining a presence and support in the residential home. This is to be achieved through the use of appropriate language, conduct and behaviour based on the values of Manna.

2. To provide an efficient and effective service through provision of a safe home, social work assessment and intervention to taiohi and their whānau/caregivers.

3. To collaborate with taiohi and community agencies through consultation, assessment and activities in order to develop and implement a programme that is taiohi focused.

4. To provide assessments and intervention to support and empower taiohi to set and achieve goals towards independence.

5. Monitor taiohi satisfaction through regular reporting and implement cost-effective ways to improve Manna’s programme.

6. Address issues that impact on taiohi, other staff, stakeholders and communities from different cultural backgrounds and collaborate with appropriate cultural groups for engagement and advice.

7. Appropriately and sensitively work in a professional, confidential manner with the taiohi while maintaining the rights and dignity of them at all times.

8. Deliver programmes for the taiohi that include overall wellbeing, cultural experiences, spiritual rhythms, physical activities, life skills and outdoor adventures that do not compromise any individual’s health, safety or well-being while ensuring that these programmes are implemented and reviewed in accordance with relevant legislation, regulation, policies and codes of ethics/practice. This will include both therapeutic components 2 and duties such as housework, meal preparation and recreational activities.

9. Demonstrate a commitment to and respect for the Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi) and embodying these values in the home.


● Regular programme and service reporting.


1. To collaborate with caregivers and community agencies through consultation, assessment and activities in order to maximise good decision making processes with and for the taiohi.

2. Work in a collaborative style in sharing skills and abilities within the team at Manna including working effectively and reporting to the Manna Manager and wider leadership team.

3. Develop and implement in consultation with the team at Manna (and external agencies where appropriate) individualised programmes specifically designed to meet the needs of the taiohi.

4. Ensure that formal and professional records are developed and maintained in a consistent and timely manner including the use of computer information systems.

5. Support the maintenance and upkeep of the internal and external Manna facilities including lawns, vegetable gardens etc.


● Regular programme and service reporting.


2. Working with the manager to monitor Mannas budget, forecasting ahead and securing appropriate funding where needed.


● All budget targets are met


1. Be an effective leader and member of a team process which focuses on meeting quality outcomes for our taiohi.


● Regular and healthy communication with staff, the manager and governance


$250 within agreed budget lines

Priscilla McIvor




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