Anglican General Synod

Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

Te Hahi Mihinare ki Aotearoa ki Niu Tireni, ki Nga Moutere o Te Moana Nui a Kiwa

Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki

Present Bishops

1999 – The Most Reverend Philip Richardson, BA, BTh, Grad DipTh (Hons)  

PO Box 547, Taranaki Mail Centre, New Plymouth 4340 

Tel: 06 759 1178 




Jurisd - Southern portion of original Diocese of Auckland together with that area formerly part of the Diocese of Wellington generally to the north and west of a line commencing at the mouth of the Okehu Stream on the Tasman Sea, thence northerly by that stream to its source, thence northerly by right line to the source of the Ahu Ahu stream, thence south-easterly along the Ahu Ahu stream to the Whanganui river, northerly up the Whanganui river to the junction with the Tautarakapua stream, thence south easterly by a right line to the Makatoke Viaduct on SH 4; thence to the summit of Mt Ruapehu.  Area: 27,191 sq kms; Census Pop: 434,552 (2013); Ch Pop: 10,080 (2013).  Description of Arms: Per pale argent a bar wavy azure on a canton of the last three estoiles of the first one and two and per chevron azure and vert a chevron argent all within a bordure gules. 

Former Bishops

1926 – CA Cherrington, 1950

1951 – JT Holland, 1969

1969 – AH Johnston, 1980

1980 – BN Davis, 1986

1986 – RA Herft, 1993

1993 - DJ Moxon, 2013

2014 - HA Hartley, 2017

Vicar General

The Reverend Valerie Riches

Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary, New Plymouth


The Very Reverend Jay Ruka, Director of The Paul Reeves Centre 

Waikato Cathedral Church of St Peter, Hamilton Dean

The Reverend Valerie Riches

Chancellor of the Diocese

Judge C J Harding, LLB

Diocesan Registrar-Manager

Mr Simon Cayley, MPhil

Ministry Educator
Diocesan Administration Centres

Charlotte Brown House, Te Ara Hou Village

100 Morrinsville Road, Hamilton 3216, PO Box 21, Hamilton 3240

Tel: 07 857 0020, Email: 


Tikituterangi House

566 Mangorei Road, RD1, New Plymouth 4371, PO Box 547 New Plymouth 4340

Tel: 06 759 1178, Email:


Personal Assistant to Bishop of Waikato

Ms Carolyn Phelan

Tel:07 857 0436  


Executive Assistant to Archbishop Philip Richardson and Bishop of Taranaki

Reverend Kat Maxwell

Tel: 06 759 1178  


Diocesan Staff

Executive Assistant to the Diocesan Registrar-Manager  

Mrs Jill Schumacher 


Ms Helen Martin 

Diocesan Ministry Educator

The Reverend Valerie Riches, LTh (Piako)  

The Venerable Susan Burns, M Couns (Hons), BA (Hons), Post Grad Cert Ed, GOE (Waitomo, Maungatautari)  

The Venerable Joyce Marcon BSc, LTh, DipEd, (Waikato) Co-Archdeacon  

The Venerable Joel Rowse, BA, Grad Dip Theo (Waikato) Co-Archdeacon 

The Very Reverend Jaqueline Paterson, BTh, Dip Tchg (Paraninihi) 

Canon K J Borrows, LLB (Lay Canon) (Waitotara) 

Archdeacons Emeritus

The Venerable Raymond Taylor, LTh 

The Venerable David Tonkin, LLB, LLM (Hons)

Canon Theologian


Waikato Cathedral Church of St Peter, Hamilton

Canon G D G Bailey, QSO, LLB, Hon Doc (Lay Canon) 

Canon Dr B D Bang, MA, LLB (Hons) PhD (Lay Canon) 

Canon Dr R Griffiths-Hughes, Dr Musical Arts (SUNYStony Brook), MMus (Hons) (Lay Canon) 

Canon Dr R B Harlow, AHC, MA, DrPhil (Zurich) (Lay Canon) 

The Reverend Canon B J Smith, LTh 

The Reverend Canon N Troon, BA, Dip Tchg, BTh 

Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary, New Plymouth

The Reverend Canon P W Barleyman 

The Reverend Canon W G G Marsh, DipHSc (Akl) 

The Reverend Canon S D Pickering, BA (Akl), DipTchg (ASTC), DipEd (Akl), EFM Cert, Spiritual Direction Training, MA (Kent, UK) 

The Reverend Canon P A Scaife, BA, BTh, DipEd, MTh (Oxon) 

Canon K J Borrows, LLB (Lay Canon) 

Canon R Brockie, BCA CA (Lay Canon) 

Canon J A Ellis, MEdL (Hons), BBS, DipTchg (Lay Canon) 

Canon W C Wano (Lay Canon) 

Honorary Canons

The Reverend Canon M E Brown QSM 

The Reverend Canon S J C Burns, M Couns (Hons), BA (Hons), Post Grad Cert Ed, GOE 

The Reverend Canon M E Hughes, MA (Oxon), MTheol (Melb), BA Hons (Oxon), BMS (Waik), Dip Min Theol Grads, ACM, Dip Youth Min, EFM 

The Reverend Canon J T Joustra, Dip Woven Textiles, BA, BTh, MA 

The Reverend Canon J S Minchin, Dip Dental Nursing, EFM Cert, LTh 

The Reverend Canon Dr G D Pratt, BA, MA, ASB (NZ), BD, LTh (Hons), PhD, BA 

Lay Canons Emeritus

Mrs J E Entwisle

Mrs J Marshall

Bishop’s Commissary in England

The Venerable T J Raphael, BA

12 St Ann’s Villas, London, W11 4 RS, Tel: 0044 71 603 0856

Hospital Chaplains

Waikato Hospital

The Reverend Rosie Dell

The Reverend Paul Weeding

Taranaki Hospital

Reverend Joe Gray 

Social Services

Anglican Action Mission Trust

Te Ara Hou Village, 100 Morrinsville Road, Hamilton 3216, Tel: 07 856 5820


Community Development

The Bishop’s Action Foundation

Tikituterangi House, 566 Mangorei Road, RD 1, New Plymouth 4371 

PO Box 547, New Plymouth 4340 

Tel: 06 759 1178, Email: 


Waikato Diocesan School for Girls, Private Bag 3051, Hamilton 3240, Tel: 07 855 9179

Mrs M Curran, BTchg- Principal

Chaplain - The Reverend Stephen Black, BA (Hons), BTh, MFBLM

St Mary’s Diocesan School, Broadway North, Stratford, Tel: 06 765 5333

Ms F Green, BA, DipTchg - Principal

The Reverend A Baigent-Ritchie, Dip O.T, BTheol, M.OT - Chaplain

Associated Schools

Southwell School (Preparatory School), 200 Peachgrove Road, Hamilton, Tel: 07 855 2089

Mr J Speedy, MEd (Leadership) BA, DipTchg, TTC - Headmaster

The Reverend N F Troon, BA, BTh, DipTchg - Chaplain

St Paul’s Collegiate, Hukanui Road, Hamilton Private Bag 3069, Hamilton 3240, Tel: 07 854 8899

Mr G W Lander, BA, Dip Sch Man, DipTchg - Principal

The Reverend P A Richman, BTh (Oxon) - Chaplain

St Peter’s School, Private Bag 884, Cambridge 3450, Tel: 07 827 9899

Mr D Burden - Principal

The Reverend M Bennett, MA - Chaplain

100 Morrinsville Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton
PHONE: 07 857 0020

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