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Te Hahi Mihinare ki Aotearoa ki Niu Tireni, ki Nga Moutere o Te Moana Nui a Kiwa

Lectionary and Related

The Lectionary is the listing of Bible readings for each service of worship for each day of the year, including those for the special saints and days included in this Church's Calendar / Te Maramataka.

ORDER your own copy from the Anglican General Synod Office, PO Box 87188, Meadowbank, Auckland 1742, ph 09-5214439, email:

For the latest copy of the Lectionary please download the below version:

2023 Lectionary 1.65 MB


NOTE errata for Thursday 16 February 2023:

MP - If Holy Innocents was celebrated on 28 December, should read

John 20:1-10 (Not John 2)


2022 Lectionary 1.57 MB


NOTE errata for Tuesday 21 June 2022:

MP - should read

Ps (32),36

Josh 21:43-22:8

Luke 12:13-21


NOTE errata for Sunday 27 February 2022, see corrected page here: 


2021 Lectionary 1.57 MB


2020 Lectionary 1.51 MB


2021 Lectionary errata:

With apologies, we have discovered that page 33 is misprinted in the 2021 Lectionary hard copy, though correct in the full digital copy above.

See below for correct print copy:

2021 page 33 18.50 kB


RCL - Revised Common Lectionary readings, as adopted by the English Language Liturgical Consultation in 1992 and Confirmed by GSTHW 2000 for use in this Church as alternative to the 2 Year and 3 Year cycles of readings in ANZPB-HKMOA 1989.

RCL readings 212.50 kB


New Zealand Hymns to fit the Lectionary - from The New Zealand Hymnbook Trust (link below)


April-June 2016 Hymns suggested

July-Sept 2015 Hymns suggested

June-Sept 2014 Hymns suggested

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