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Te Hahi Mihinare ki Aotearoa ki Niu Tireni, ki Nga Moutere o Te Moana Nui a Kiwa

GSTHW 2020 Reports

Note: These reports are as submitted for the May 2020 GSTHW, which was postponed, and so have yet to be received/ discussed/ adopted by the GSTHW (proposed for March 13, 2021), so are provided here for information only ahead of that date.

Index to Reports 24.49 kB


. Anglican Communications and Media Office (to come)


. Anglican Financial Care (Pension Board)

2 AFC 104.75 kB

. Anglican Insurance Board

3 AIB 31.65 kB

. Anglican Legislative Unit

4 ALU 51.03 kB

. Anglican Missions Board

5 AMB 65.48 kB

. Anglican Schools Office

6 ASO 37.88 kB

. Archives and History Committee / Te Puna o Neherā

. Association of Anglican Women

8 AAW 46.48 kB

. Christian World Service

9 CWS 29.74 kB

. Church Army NZ

10 Church Army 25.96 kB

. Common Life Liturgical Commission

11 CLLC 41.09 kB

. Council for Ecumenism

12 CFE 35.90 kB

. Representation of Dioceses of NZ in GSTHW

13 Diocese in NZ 32.09 kB

. General Secretary

. General Synod Standing Committee

15 GSSC 77.02 kB

. Inter Church Bioethics Council

16 ICBC 1.99 MB

. Inter Church Hospital Chaplaincy

17 ICHC 4.29 MB

. Inter-Church Tertiary Chaplaincy Council

18 ITCC 24.59 kB

. Judicial Committee

19 Judicial 32.27 kB

. JC Minutes

. Kings College Auckland

20 Kings College 56.24 kB

. Provincial Mothers Union

21 Mothers Union 394.58 kB

. Registrar/ Secretaries of Dioceses/ Amorangi/ Tikanga

. Social Justice Unit

23 SJU 3.84 MB

. St Stephens and Queen Victoria Schools Trust Board 2019

24 SSQVSTB 221.13 kB

. St Stephens and Queen Victoria Schools Trust Board 2018

24a SSQVSTB 2018 618.28 kB

. Te Aute Trust Baord (w Hukarere)

25 TATB 39.10 kB

. Te Kotahitanga

. Te Kaunihera (sub committee of Te Kotahitanga for St Johns Theological College)

26A Te Kaunihera 32.29 kB

. Kinder Library Oversight Committee

. Tikanga Toru Youth Commission

27 TTYC 450.20 kB

. Representation of youth on 3T bodies (Motion 8 in 2018)

. Uniting Congregations of Aotearoa New Zealand

28 UCANZ 84.84 kB

. Motion 11 of 2018 - Small Working Group report on Mission Aligned Investment (NB this report is associated with a Motion being proposed to GSTHW 2020, so is yet to be received or adopted by GSTHW).

. Council for Anglican Womens Studies

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It is our hope that the information contained here will enable Anglicans and others to be informed of the ministry of this Church. The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, is a constitutionally autonomous member of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia encompasses the area described by its title. The 1992 Constitution of this Church provides for three partners to order their affairs within their own cultural context. Within Aotearoa New Zealand, Tikanga Pakeha comprises seven Dioceses, Tikanga Maori comprises five Amorangi, the boundaries of which differ from those of the dioceses. Tikanga Pasefika encompasses Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands, and is known as the Diocese of Polynesia. Publication: 'Anglican Taonga' (Treasure) is a publication affirming the unity and diversity of the Anglican community in these islands. .

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