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Te Hāhi Mihinare ki Aotearoa ki Niu Tīreni, ki Ngā Moutere o te Moana Nui a Kiwa

GSTHW 2020/21 Information - the 64th General Synod Te Hīnota Whānui 2020, and a Special GSTHW 2021 (postponed and then cancelled).

The 64th General Synod Te Hīnota Whānui was to be held in the week of 9-14 May 2020 in Nelson, New Zealand. Due to Covid-19 it was postponed to be a one-day, virtual, GSTHW on Saturday 25 July, 2020  - for urgent business only.

Other business was deferred until a 'Special GSTHW' on 13 March 2021, again to be in one-day, virtual mode. See under Motions, Bills, Reports, Finance Reports sections for relevant material. Due to a further Covid-19 lockdown in the immediate weeks leading up to March 13, this "Special GSTHW'' was also postponed, and then due to further Covid-19 lockdowns later cancelled. GSTHW will next meet in May 2022.

SPECIAL GSTHW March 13, 2021 (postponed, and later cancelled)


GSTHW July 25, 2020 

Summons Letter 3.01 MB
Bill Procedure 52.43 kB


GSTHW 2020 (9-14 May) Lead Up Dates (will be updated once a new special GSTHW date set)

GSTHW Deadlines: (based on Canons, Standing Order - SO - requirements, and previous time frames).

12 weeks out: Friday 14 Feb, Reports to be submitted (12 weeks before by GSO decision).

10 weeks out: Friday 28 Feb, Bills to be submitted (by 10 weeks before, as required by SO 83.1, with any explanatory notes as required by SO 101).

9 weeks out: Friday 6 March, Bills to be sent to Statutes and Canons Committee (by 9 weeks before, as required by SO 83.2.a).

8 weeks out: Friday 13 March, Request Notice of Motions to be submitted (and any explanatory notes – 8 weeks before, as has to be at least 7 weeks before by SO 29 - Friday March 16).

Week of 16-23 March, Statutes and Canons Committee meet and arrange any changes/ revisions to Bills and have to have final versions back by 27 March (6 weeks prior by SO 83.2.c), and arrange any changes/revisions to Motions, and to have final versions back by 27 March (SO 29).

7 weeks out: Friday 20 March, final date for Notice of Motion (SO 29), and Forms of Prayer (SO 97), and Amendments to Standing Orders (SO 104).

6 weeks out: Friday 27 March, Bills finalised back from Statutes and Canons Committee (SO 83.2.c), along with finalised Motions (SO 29).

5 weeks out: Thursday 3 April March, Mailing of Summons and Notices of Motions (B/I/2.2), with pre-session papers (5 weeks before, as required under SO 97 and SO 101).

4 weeks out: Friday 10 April, make papers available electronically online (1 week after mailing, as required under SO 99.a).

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